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Classroom Civics Activities

Federal courts are benefiting from the work of Rebecca Fanning, the national outreach officer at the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. These are Fanning’s recommended courtroom, or classroom-ready, resources:

Founding Fundamentals and Federal Courts

  1. Rule of Law
  1. Separation of Powers
  1. Fair and Impartial Judiciary (Judicial Independence)
  • Court Shorts: Fair and Impartial Judiciary (Coming Video Discussion Starter)
  • Judicial Independence: A Fair and Impartial Judiciary and the Error-Correcting Role of

U.S. Courts of Appeals   (Courtroom/Classroom Activities)

 Civic Engagement and Skills

  1. Jury Service
  1. Legal Skills as Life Skills

Program Tools

Landmark Supreme Court Cases Applied to Teen Situations

Courtroom, Classroom, and Virtual Programs

 More Discussion Starter Videos in One Place

  • Federal Judges’ Oath of Office: Its Personal Meaning to Judges
  • Student Voices: Promises of the Preamble
  • Student Voices: The Bill of Rights