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Federal Judges Association Calls For Immediate Passage Of “Daniel’s Law”

December 11, 2020

Senate Bill 4711 and House Bill 8591 are pending in Congress with bipartisan support.    Our Senators and Representatives genuinely appear invested in passing the proposed judicial security bill.  We have not heard an unresolved objection.

But Congress has a variety of priorities especially at years end. This legislation, officially titled the Daniel Anderl Judicial Security and Privacy Act of 2020, is pending as more challenges to our security and our families’ safety become evident. The window of time for passage in Congress has quickly narrowed. In past years, our Judges have sought protection, especially following the fatal attack on Judge Lefkow’s family, which we have not forgotten. Judge Lefkow has devoted herself to safeguarding our security, and does so after her own unspeakable loss. Here is what she has been doing for you, for all of us:

Yet another tragedy has occurred, with yet another judge losing her family.

This is about more than you.  Judge Esther Salas moves with this knowledge more than anyone could ever envision. We are lead by Judge Esther Salas, who with great strength of character and charisma tirelessly speaks out about her recent tragedy whenever she is asked.  Judge Salas’ voice has been recognized by numerous news associations. We urge you to take a few minutes to read of Judge Salas’ efforts, including in

Yet also see what additional horrors this Judge must suffer:

Time is short.  Your FJA colleagues are working to ensure this legislation for our, and our families’ benefit.

How many incidents and tragedies are needed before the protections of Daniel’s Law are in place? What can you do?

We understand Senators and Congresspersons are busy.  But we expect they will understand your interest if you take a few moments and contact them.  We need to impress upon them the severity of this risk both to our families and to judicial independence first framed in Article III.  Please contact your Senator and Congressperson today. The bill is on their agendas.   Call their Chief of Staff and Judiciary counsel.  Urge them to urge their leadership to move this crucial bipartisan bill through this Congress.  We cannot risk further tragedy because we did not act.

We fully support the good work of the Administrative Office on our behalf. Please refer to Director James Duff’s December 7 statement:

The time is now. Judicial safety cannot be any longer pushed aside.

Cynthia M. Rufe