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Messages from the FJA President

FJA Updates Re: Daniel Anderl Judicial Security Bill
February 20, 2021

Greetings, FJA Colleagues.

In December, the Daniel Anderl Judicial Security Bill was presented for unanimous consent to the United States Senate, which unfortunately did not pass the bill. We are hopeful that this bi-partisan legislation will soon be presented to the new Congress as it continues to have consistent and ardent support for securing its measures for the safety of our judges. Most vocal of those supporters is Judge Esther Salas, our colleague, who has been a tireless, articulate and persuasive advocate for the improvements addressed in the bill that was named for her only child, Daniel Anderl.

Judge Salas shares the below news link with you. Her interview with Gayle King is upcoming. Also covering the important issues concerning the threats to judicial security are 48 Hours (Saturday, 2/20) and 60 Minutes (2/21).

The Federal Judges Association will continue to support increased security measures to protect our Judiciary. We have and continue to support the Judicial Conference of the United States and the Administrative Office of the United States Courts which continue to work tirelessly for the necessary improvements to adequately protect us, our families and our court family.


Cynthia M. Rufe,